at Kidsworld

At Kidsworld our first priority is to care for Street children by sheltering, feeding, clothing, educating and taking care of their physical needs & any health issues they may have.

Our next priority is to do something about their future, which we do through trade and life skills training. In this way we not only take care of their immediate needs, but help prepare and equip them practically, physically as well as spiritually for life.

Our third priority is to integrate Street Kids & orphans into the communities they’re in. This we accomplish through our shared Community Development Projects through which we help alleviate poverty by initiating and facilitating training projects together with local community groups & leaders.

These training projects include handicraft, trade skills, agricultural training as well as commercial training & micro financing opportunities, focusing on the areas where our Street Kids Centers are.

Finally, and a fundamental objective of the Kidsworld Centers, is the fostering and housing of Street Kids with the families in those communities in which the Street Kids are, yet without making any additional demands on the host families’ resources,by providing the necessary support and assistance.


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