A home for Barasa…

A Home and a New Life – for Barasa Katacha – Mount Elgon

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Covenant Ministries and Kidsworld – regularly treat people who have Jiggers,
– a rather common problem with people who do not wear shoes –
Barasa is one of those victims, but having treated him AND seen where he lived,
we realised that in the dilapidated, roofless shack, he is not going to get better.
So we at Covenant Ministries and Kidsworld set about changing
– where he lives – how he lives –
– and ultimately WHY he lives –


kidsworld kidsworld

Covenant Ministries / Kidsworldlive – set out to turn his life around.
– We were able to get local shop owners to supply poles and pipes –
– Covenant Ministries & pastors contributed the iron sheets for the roof –
Step30 Taiwan – who work with us on schools & water projects, donated the land –
Pastor Isaac, one of our Covenant Ministries’ leaders
– coordinated the building project –
and as you can see,
– the Covenant Ministries pastors were a great building team –


kidsworld kidsworld


And at 93 years of age – Barasa is the oldest ‘kid’ in Kidsworldlive
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Staying on track as we continue to pro-actively strive to not only
meet the needs of the Street Children, but to also give them
– a real HOPE and a real FUTURE –

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