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Kidsworld is involved with the conceptual and development planning of all our Kidsworld Street Kids Centers.
At the same time we are also responsible for the necessary administrational, financial and structural supervision.

Every Kidsworld Centre cares for between 10 and 20 street children, at the same time offering life skill training to between 5 and 10 of the older street children as well as un-married mothers from the local community on a regular basis.

Kidsworld not only initiates the centers but assists with the overall planning, skills training, project management as well as the childrens daily needs, including their feeding, clothing, housing, education and health care, thereby ensuring that all our children are not only properly looked after
but fully cared for in every aspect of their growth and development.

The individual Kidsworld Centers are also encouraged to work closely together and to cooperate with each other, sharing experiences, sharing knowledge and in particular also sharing project skills.
As our centers are community based, shared knowledge and human relationship skills are extremely important,
and therefore cooperation on all levels is encouraged.

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