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Kidsworld – How our Kids have grown – Kenya

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At the beginning of 2003, I was invited by Pastor Edward Khaoya to speak at his church
that was meeting in a small room in Matisi in the Kitale district, where I ministered on
‘God wants to be part of what we do’
and … out of that small meeting, in that small church, much was about to develop.

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In 2004 Kidsworld started ‘Covenant Home’ in Livayo, Kitale, in a rather sad building.
As this building was simply not adequate, we continued looking for better and safer premises.

Two years later, not far away, we were able to move to an new rented building.
Around this time pastor Edward, who made it his goal to obtain external funding,
and through Neighbours Aid Australia, we could continue to develop Covenant Home.

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The Street Kids at Kidsworld Covenant Home steadily increased to well over 30 kids,
and it was a great blessing that Neighbour Aid said they wanted to build their
own home for the kids and also to take over the administration of the home,
with pastor Edward being appointed to lead the new project
‘Kitale Family House of Hope’.

At Kidsworld we were excited about this development, as
this would allow us to continue with our original vision, of starting …
new Kidsworld projects, that are able to develop and grow on their own.


At the new home, Kidsworld assisted in the building of the kitchen, with stove
and equipment, as well as with the construction of temporary school rooms,
until a new school building was erected on a separate property.

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15 years after meeting and ministering in Pastor Edward’s humble one room church,
I was blessed to be invited to minister in one of the classrooms of the
‘House of hope Academy’

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Staying on track as we continue to pro-actively strive to not only
meet the needs of the Street Children, but to also give them
– a real HOPE and a real FUTURE –

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