Hearns – Kidsworld Center

Hearns – Kidsworld Center – Maili Saba

Hearns Kidsworld – New Training Center.

With the new building complete, Hearns Kidsworld Center was now ready to take a big step forward.
To be able to increase the skills training center to accommodate 16 girls at a time, as well as continue
caring for street kids, some additional funds would be required …

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Hearns Kidsworld – ‘Fashion Center’

In line with Kidsworld’s vision of growth through achievement, Hellen took the bold step of turning the
old training facility into a small ‘fashion’ shop, where the clothes that were being made whilst training,
could be displayed and in this way advertise the Center and attract buyers.

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The additional revenue would be used to subsidise the new larger training center and at the same time
also boost the care for street kids.

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Not only has this become a reality, but is also an example and challenge to other Kidsworld Centers,
to dream bigger and grow, founded on own effort and achievement.

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