First 14 years

14 Years Kidsworld - (and counting…)

Kidsworld is about Kids, and specifically Street Kids,
with the express intention of giving them a real hope for a real future
- through care, education and skills training -

Kidsworld is not about building buildings,
– but about building lives.
Kidsworld is not about putting kids in a home
– but integrating them into the community they were born in.
Kidsworld is not just about feeding and clothing kids
– but teaching them practical skills for life.
Kidsworld is not just about educating kids
– but teaching them to dream BIG through our Creative Awareness Schooling.


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Staying on track as we continue to pro-actively strive to not only
meet the needs of the Street Children, but to also give them
– a real HOPE and a real FUTURE -

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Family Album 2016

Family Album – 2016

Kidsworld Centre Kinyoro, Kitale District, Kenya

life life life
Endebess, Mt.Elgon, Kenya   -   Rogers, paralympics athlete, Kitale Kenya   -   Karagwe Kids, Kagera, Tz
life life life
Joseph, Nairobi University, Kenya    -   Khalwenge Primary, Kenya    -    Bamburi Kidsworld Centre, Mombasa


Family Album – 2015

Kimwondo Primary, Mt. Elgon, Kenya



Our Family Pictures

Family Album – 2017

Boys will be boys (hitching a ride)
Our goal however is to teach them to use their talents more creatively

life life life
Lira distrct, Northern Uganda      -     Primary School, Kinyoro, Kenya    -    Zea Village, Mount Elgon, Kenya
life life life
Bungoma Primary School, Kenya   -  Nsumi Primary, Kampala, Uganda   -   Sisokhe Village, Western , Kenya
life life life
Khalwenge Village Kids, Kenya    -   Turkana Kids, Northern Kenya    -    Compel Primary, Webuye, Kenya


Since – 2004