Asembo Kidsworld Centre – Siaya

Asembo Centre – Siaya County – Kenya

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with George Achieng Otiendo (centre leader)

Organic Farming

One of Covenant Ministries / Kidsworld’s Community projects is training in sustainable Organic farming as well as assisting with the drilling for water to ensure that the project is successful.

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After training in Kitale, Boaz returned to Asembo and immediately started preparing the soil for planting.
In the meantime the well was being drilled and the necessary piping laid.
Everyone is looking forward in anticipation to the first harvest …

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Thank you to all our partners who have supported us and helped make this all possible

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Kidsworld Family Projects

Launch of Phase 2 of the KidsWorld Family Feeding Project.
Today we are adding 10 more families to the project, with five
families in Maili Saba and five families In Wamuini.
Thank you Helen & Dawson and all the locals who continue to help
make this project a success.

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Community Projects


Shoes Containers – Step30

Kidsworld Shoes Container – Kitale, Kenya

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The first Container arrived from Step30, an outreach group from Taiwan.
We are assisting them with the sorting and distribution of shoes amongst Street Kids, Orphanages and schools. Once the containers are empty, Kidsworld has the option of having some of the containers, and which we will use in our Creative Container Project, for schooling, creative training and skills training.
View Creative Container Brochure


Bamburi Kidsworld Centre – Mombasa

During one of our Leadership Seminars in February 2009 in Mtongwe south of Mombasa, Kenya, we were introduced to Pastor John Kennedy Ouma from Bamburi which is situated just north of Mombasa. Pastor John shared with us the work him and his wife were doing among the Street Kids in their local area, and invited us to visit them at their home and to see for ourselves what they were doing.
On our next trip to Mombasa in 2010 we visited Pastor John and his wife Judith at their home from where they were caring for Street Kids on a weekly basis through a small feeding scheme.

We decided to assist them by starting a sewing project through which young girls would be trained in sewing and dressmaking skills, and that the project will at the same time also support Centresthe Street Kids feeding project, and so the Bamburi Kidsworld Centre was born…

Bamburi Sewing Project.

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Bamburi Kids (Street Kids care & feeding)

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        - 2010 – 2011 – 2012 -
        - 2013 – 2014 – 2015 -

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Bamburi Kidsworld projects

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        - Clothes distribution -


        - Rabbit rearing project -