Container Conversion


Container Conversion

With the New Year and the start of the Creative Awareness Workshops and Training getting ever closer,
we are concentrating on the preparation of the Offices, Computer Workshop and the remodelling of
the Container, which will be used for workshops, Computer and skills training, as well as storage.

  The container did not arrive quite as planned
  but we soon got it up straight again & placed
  next to its final position.






  Because of the need for adequate workshops space
  it was decided to double the width of the container
  and the foundation was then laid accordingly.






  With the container safely placed on its new concrete
  base, work has started on the foundation & structure
  of the planned extension.








In the mean time …

Following our initial introductory workshops during September, which were very well attended by quite a
number of school directors, principals and head teachers, we have registered more than 15 primary as
as well as secondary schools, representing over 3000 children. With our envisaged yearly number
of maximum 20 schools, we are about to reach our target for 2018.

Coming …

Introductory workshops.
Introducing the schools.
Other planned creative training and skills workshops

Pages and links … to follow

For those who would like to keep up to date with developments,
… see developments as they happen
… and pictures as they are posted,
we have the following social media pages and links for you.

- Creative Centre / @CreativeCentres -

- Kidsworld – Centers & Projects / @kidsworld -

- Coaching4life / -

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Staying on track as we continue to pro-actively strive to not only
meet the needs of the Street Children, but to also give them
– a real HOPE and a real FUTURE -

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Creative Centre

Creative Training Centre

Although we are all creative, creativity goes beyond thinking or just producing a work
of art, and even goes beyond expressing who you are, in what you wear, in what you
do, and in particular in what you do to and for others.
It is therefore not possible to have a set syllabus, or even to have a set structure,
it is personal!

Creativity can therefore not be pre-structured but needs to be individually experienced
and personally expressed …
The ‘Creative’ training will be presented in open workshops, and is primarily aimed at
those involved in teaching and training, exposing them to a free thinking environment
without limitations … aimed at active learning, application and real results!

While this process is not new, what makes it unique is the realization of man’s creative
ability, which has been lying dormant in most of our lives, as it has not been considered
as real or important, but as special to only a few … an assumption that is proved to be
inaccurate by merely observing a child at play.
It is in fact an essential part of man’s existence and development!

Join us by becoming personally involved, the next generation needs your input,
even if you have not recognised those special, creative abilities in yourself
… they are there, waiting to be released, developed and shared!

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Creative Container

… and what better way to do this than by helping them discover
their uniqueness and their creative abilities, by inspiring them to
develop their very own special abilities …
… that are just waiting to be released!

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