Creative Schooling


Creative Schooling

Africa is a continent that has a mystical draw on most everyone, yet at the same time is also a continent
that is suffering from poverty, unemployment, disease, as well as cultural and tribal disputes
with large numbers of orphans and street children as a direct result.


  Since 2004 Covenant Ministries through the
  Kidsworld Street Kids Centres, has been
  actively involved in caring, feeding, clothing
  and schooling street children in Africa.


Our primary goal however is to not only meet these children’s basic needs,
but to also be pro-actively involved in giving them
– a real HOPE and a real FUTURE -

How will we do that?

… by helping them discover their uniqueness and creative abilities,
… by inspiring them to develop their very own special abilities,
that are waiting to be released!

How is that possible?

By introducing a new way of thinking and approach to education!

Education has been based on collecting and memorizing information, with the prime objective of preparing children to know enough to be able to get employment.
Of course knowledge is important, yet without application, resourcefulness and personal input, precious time and abilities are being wasted in the lives of so many children.
We are therefore looking at bringing creativity and the application of information into schooling, so as to prepare children not to be looking for employment, … but to create employment!
Giving them – a real HOPE and a real FUTURE -

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Creative Centre

Creative Training Centre

Although we are all creative, creativity goes beyond thinking or just producing a work
of art, and even goes beyond expressing who you are, in what you wear, in what you
do, and in particular in what you do to and for others.
It is therefore not possible to have a set syllabus, or even to have a set structure,
it is personal!

Creativity can therefore not be pre-structured but needs to be individually experienced
and personally expressed …
The ‘Creative’ training will be presented in open workshops, and is primarily aimed at
those involved in teaching and training, exposing them to a free thinking environment
without limitations … aimed at active learning, application and real results!

While this process is not new, what makes it unique is the realization of man’s creative
ability, which has been lying dormant in most of our lives, as it has not been considered
as real or important, but as special to only a few … an assumption that is proved to be
inaccurate by merely observing a child at play.
It is in fact an essential part of man’s existence and development!

Join us by becoming personally involved, the next generation needs your input,
even if you have not recognised those special, creative abilities in yourself
… they are there, waiting to be released, developed and shared!

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Creative Container

… and what better way to do this than by helping them discover
their uniqueness and their creative abilities, by inspiring them to
develop their very own special abilities …
… that are just waiting to be released!

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Girlcare Kenya

Girlcare Kenya – Hygiene, Health care and Skills Training

Hellen Mwashio

Hellen who is in charge of the Hearns Kidsworld Centre, has not only for many years been involved in skills training for young girls, but has also constantly looked for more ways of touching and impacting the lives of young girls, in particular as far as health and hygiene are concerned.

So when she was introduced to the re-usable Sanitary Pad concept, she immediately saw the potential of not only introducing this to women and in particular young girls, but to combine the skills training with hygiene and health care training.
At present there are already two communities where the project is running, in Butere, Kakamega (Western Kenya) and in Lodwar, Turkana County (Northern Kenya).





Hellen with some elders in Lodwar,
Turkana County.


Training in Butere and Lodwar

life life life life

Training young girls in Health care, Hygiene and in the making of re-usable sanitary pads

life life life


Our Family Pictures

Family Album – 2017

Boys will be boys (hitching a ride)
Our goal however is to teach them to use their talents more creatively

life life life
Lira distrct, Northern Uganda      -     Primary School, Kinyoro, Kenya    -    Zea Village, Mount Elgon, Kenya
life life life
Bungoma Primary School, Kenya   -  Nsumi Primary, Kampala, Uganda   -   Sisokhe Village, Western , Kenya
life life life
Khalwenge Village Kids, Kenya    -   Turkana Kids, Northern Kenya    -    Compel Primary, Webuye, Kenya


Since – 2004



Love Binti

Reaching out and impacting the lives of young girls

Elizabeth Mumbi (Mudenyo)

After having been introduced to the Covenant Ministries Training, having heard Papajan teach about being fruitful, and knowing the great need amongst her own people, Elizabeth started to look for a way of personally doing something, particularly in the lives of young girls.

Through Kidsworld Projects, Covenant Ministries supported her in starting a few Skills Training centres, with the goal of training girls in skills such as Sewing and Dressmaking. It was through this closer contact with young girls, that Elizabeth saw the serious lack of sanitary training and support for girls. Seeing how that young girls were missing school for a week every month, not knowing how to help themselves, falling pregnant and open to HIV. Elizabeth knew where she needed to get involved.


Realising that more than just talks and some giveaways were needed to be
of any real help.
Her prayers were answered when she met Cathy, a Canadian who seeing what was being done at Kidsworld Centres and hearing about the sanitary issues, showed Elizabeth a way of hand making ‘reusable’ sanitary pads …
Love Binti was born!

Today with the support of Covenant Ministries / Kidsworld Centres, Love Binti is reaching, training and equipping girls all over Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

School outreach and Training

life life life

Training young girls to make re-usable sanitary pads

life life life life

Love Binti Training in Tanzania

life life life

Love Binti Prison Outreach                                                                          Training in Rural areas

life life life life


Family Album 2016

Family Album – 2016

Kidsworld Centre Kinyoro, Kitale District, Kenya

life life life
Endebess, Mt.Elgon, Kenya   -   Rogers, paralympics athlete, Kitale Kenya   -   Karagwe Kids, Kagera, Tz
life life life
Joseph, Nairobi University, Kenya    -   Khalwenge Primary, Kenya    -    Bamburi Kidsworld Centre, Mombasa


Family Album – 2015

Kimwondo Primary, Mt. Elgon, Kenya




at Kidsworld

At Kidsworld our first priority is to care for Street children by sheltering, feeding, clothing, educating and taking care of their physical needs & any health issues they may have.

Our next priority is to do something about their future, which we do through trade and life skills training. In this way we not only take care of their immediate needs, but help prepare and equip them practically, physically as well as spiritually for life.

Our third priority is to integrate Street Kids & orphans into the communities they’re in. This we accomplish through our shared Community Development Projects through which we help alleviate poverty by initiating and facilitating training projects together with local community groups & leaders.

These training projects include handicraft, trade skills, agricultural training as well as commercial training & micro financing opportunities, focusing on the areas where our Street Kids Centers are.

Finally, and a fundamental objective of the Kidsworld Centers, is the fostering and housing of Street Kids with the families in those communities in which the Street Kids are, yet without making any additional demands on the host families’ resources,by providing the necessary support and assistance.



Where we began …

2004 1

In 2004 we were able to get the use of an abandoned home,
and although the building was not really all that suitable,
its roof did not leak, the doors and windows were secure
and there was a water well outside we could restore.

At last a safe environment where we could look after the kids,
& start working on projects together with the local community
through which to feed, clothe, school & house the kids
… with the community, and in the community!

2004             2006              2008             2010                2012                   2013

2004 W J2007-W-J2006-W-J2005-W-J2010-W-J2010-Wycliffe-Joseph-Maria

Many years on and not only have ‘our kids’ grown and
developed in stature, but they have also become
assets in their communities where they are!

2014 1

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Where we are …

where 1a

Kidsworld is involved with the conceptual and development planning of all our Kidsworld Street Kids Centers.
At the same time we are also responsible for the necessary administrational, financial and structural supervision.

Every Kidsworld Centre cares for between 10 and 20 street children, at the same time offering life skill training to between 5 and 10 of the older street children as well as un-married mothers from the local community on a regular basis.

Kidsworld not only initiates the centers but assists with the overall planning, skills training, project management as well as the childrens daily needs, including their feeding, clothing, housing, education and health care, thereby ensuring that all our children are not only properly looked after
but fully cared for in every aspect of their growth and development.

The individual Kidsworld Centers are also encouraged to work closely together and to cooperate with each other, sharing experiences, sharing knowledge and in particular also sharing project skills.
As our centers are community based, shared knowledge and human relationship skills are extremely important,
and therefore cooperation on all levels is encouraged.

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